Who is Pronto Insurance?

Pronto Insurance was founded in 1997, in South Texas. Since our founding, Pronto has focused on providing our customers superior products at a low cost, while delivering fast and friendly service. By utilizing this philosophy, we were able to establish a strong presence in the Rio Grande Valley and began growing throughout Texas.

In 2005, we expanded on this growth by creating a Managing General Agency. This allowed us to facilitate our growth and provide better service to our customers. The following year, we added Income Tax services to our list of products. Pronto Franchise, LLC was established in 2009 to expand opportunities to Franchisees. In 2017, we expanded into California and currently have 200+ locations across Texas and California with more opening every month.

Pronto Insurance has been consistently recognized as a top franchise opportunity, with a low cost of entry, a proven system, comprehensive training, and ongoing support.

Our Mission

Provide peace of mind to the value-focused consumer through convenient insurance and financial products.

Our Vision

Become the industry leader by making Pronto products a reality for all.

Our Values

We conduct business, serve our customers, and care for our employees through these core values:

  • Integrity. Doing the right thing for the right reason.
  • Efficiency. Always improving what we do.
  • Reliability. Earning trust through consistency.
  • Excellence. Demanding outstanding performance.
What differentiates Pronto Insurance from its competitors?

A Pronto Franchise offers a unique retail approach to insurance and financial products by offering high-quality, value-oriented products. Unlike some insurance franchises, Pronto issues its own underwriting guidelines and manages the entire claims process. Our offices are local, and support is never far away. Our underwriting process allows us to offer extremely competitive rates that our value-focused customers want, all while providing excellent service for our clients. Our locations offer convenient hours, and many Pronto locations offer drive-thrus, where customers have the ability to make payments without getting out of their vehicles. Pronto prides itself in providing fast and efficient service. “Pronto. It's our name and our promise.”TM

Pronto has grown significantly since its inception by offering value-oriented products, aggressive marketing, brand awareness, and community involvement. Pronto has quickly become an industry leader and has been continually recognized as a top franchise for Hispanics and minorities, as seen in Poder Magazine and USA Today.

How much does a Pronto franchise cost?

The total estimated initial investment is between $44,225—$107,600. For a complete list of costs, refer to our investment chart and the FDD for more details.

What criteria do you use to select Franchise Owners?

We strongly believe the most successful Franchise Owners share the values and passion of Pronto Franchise, and we recognize that every individual is unique. Our goal is to make sure that Pronto matches your needs and values. We are developing a franchise community with diverse perspectives and aligned values:

  • Commitment to provide Pronto products and outstanding service to our customers
  • Willing to learn a unique approach to insurance and financial services
  • Appropriate capital available to successfully develop your locations (currently minimum net worth of $300,000) and ability to pass a standard background check
  • Proven business acumen and drive for excellence
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly growing franchise community
What support do you provide to your Franchise Owners?

Your support starts on day one. We provide a comprehensive training program, assistance with your site selection, opening assistance, and marketing consultation. Our support is ongoing and never more than a phone call away. We are committed to helping you in every aspect possible.

How much money can I make?

This is an important question. The first step is to reference our FDD and understand that the potential of your agency depends on many factors. A Pronto Franchise earns a commission on every policy they sell and every payment they process.

Additionally, Franchise Owners are allowed to charge an agency fee, at their discretion, for each new policy sold. This creates your revenue stream. We also encourage you to contact existing Franchise Owners so you can talk numbers with those who are living them every day. What better way to get great data?

How can I get a copy of the Pronto Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

Please complete the Application. If you qualify for the next steps, we will arrange an initial interview and provide you with an FDD.

Why should I consider entering the insurance business?

The insurance industry continues to grow at a remarkable rate; the auto sector alone in Texas is over $8 Billion! The need for value-oriented products has never been greater. Pronto Insurance has grown nearly 100% in each of the last several years. With our unique approach, we are well positioned to capture a larger share of this industry. You can be part of our exciting growth and become a valued member of your community by opening your own Pronto Franchise today.

What is the development time frame?

Visit Our Process page for a detailed timeline, but most agencies open within four months of signing.